Monday, January 27, 2014

Rain or Shine Massacres Petron, 103-95

There is no other word to describe it: it was a massacre. Petron Blaze Boosters' errors piled up one after another. Same story for their field goal attempts. Rain or Shine ran its offense quite well --- and run it did, dictating the tempo from start until the end.

One bad pass after another, Petron's first quarter was riddled with turnovers. It was as if every Petron player on the floor was out of sync. On the other hand, Rain or Shine was eager for a run-and-gun style of play. True enough, their transition offense gave them the lead halfway through the quarter as Petron was barely able to keep up with the pace. Rain or Shine's offensive rebounding likewise kept Petron at bay. Which is strange, given that Petron's Kramer and Fajardo were on the floor at some point. Perhaps Petron was not anticipating it, too, but Nuyles became a plus factor for Rain or Shine's offense early in the game.

At the start of the second quarter, Chris Ross began to give Rain or Shine a dose of its own medicine by pushing the tempo for Petron. For a while, it worked, placing Petron within close range. But Rain or Shine continued pushing its transition offense and it did them well. Halfway through, things turned sour for Petron as their offense began to collapse. Each player seemed to play for his own. The ball did not swing as it ought to. Case in point: Chris Lutz morphed into a ball hog. Worse, Petron's turnovers continued to spill (15 at halftime). Although Rain or Shine had turnovers here and there, they were able to retain their swift offensive rhythm, pushing the ball after every rebound, and even working hard for the offensive glass. At the end of two quarters, Rain or Shine still had the lead, 49-40.

Petron's turnovers kept coming at the first three minutes of the third quarter. Paul Lee was able to feed off of Petron's errors. The only bad news that came for Rain or Shine is being in foul penalty with still eight minutes remaining. Still, Rain or Shine kept its uptempo offensive barrage. And they were also able to roll the dimes, finding the open man with every assist and, more importantly, converting each pass with a deuce. With under three minutes on the clock, Petron's bad news came by way of June Mar Fajardo picking his fourth personal foul.

While Rain or Shine slowed down the tempo of their game given their double-digit lead, they were nonetheless able to flex their hustle on offense and defense at the final quarter. Petron's Paolo Hubalde offered a bit of spark, but five minutes down the stretch and most of Petron's shots still wouldn't fall. Petron tried to make a run in the last two minutes, but their penalty situation restricted their bid for a comeback. Rain or Shine wins game 1 of their best-of-seven semifinals series against Petron.

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