Friday, January 10, 2014

Nike Zoom Hyperrev: Overpriced in the Philippines?

Today, major Nike outlets in the Philippines released the Nike Zoom Hyperrev. I've noticed many were anticipating for these shoes to release in the country. And why not? Full-length zoom at $120 is a steal these days. Except that, when the shoes finally hit the stores, they weren't really priced at $120. To be exact, they cost P7,995. Seven thousand and nine hundred ninety-five pesos. Such wow.

Jordan CP3.VII and Nike Zoom Hyperrev price comparison.

To put things in perspective, consider the Jordan CP3.VII, which costs $125. When the CP3.VIIs were finally released in the Philippines, they were priced at P6,795. What costs $125 were being sold for P6,795. That's the CP3.VII. And then we have the Nike Zoom Hyperrev, which, again, costs $120. But when they were released in the country, they were priced at P7,995. What cost $120 were being sold for P7,995. Something is terribly, terribly wrong here.

I'm trying hard to find a rational explanation for the big price discrepancy, or as to why the Nike Zoom Hyperrev sells for far more than the price that people were expecting. I was hoping the Hyperrev would drop at only P6,595 or thereabouts, and nowhere around almost P8,000. I was looking forward to coping a pair, but the price just caught me off-guard, and now I'm hesitant. I just don't think it is way above the price that the Hyperrev is supposed to retail at.

Is this a sign of things to come from Nike this 2014? It's just the start of the year and this first price adjustment is already creating a stir. People aren't convinced. Or encouraged.

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